Steps HR Management takes to redefine the Employee Engagement & Experience

Megha Sharma
4 min readNov 9, 2022


46 percent of the main cause of stress is the workload of an employee, with people issues at 28 percent, followed by juggling work and personal lives and job security at 6 percent.

- The American Institute of Stress

The employee engagement is an important matter of concern for many businesses. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for enabling that the staff stays with the companies they are working for indefinitely. Employees usually leave their current job due to various aspects such as better pay, a lack of career advancement, new job prospects, monotony, unhealthy work culture, and many several other aspects.

Employee Retention

Employee retention refers to the many policies and practices which let the employees stay at an organization for a longer period. Each organization devotes time and resources to grooming new hires, preparing them for the workplace, and getting them up to fasten up with the existing staff. When people leave their jobs after completing their training, it is at a loss.

Employee experience to attract and retain talent requires certain strategies and processing of many steps taken to enable that a person stays with an organization for as long as possible. In the current modern workplace, simply making them happy isn’t enough; one must also need retaining the necessary talent and keeping the best people on board for as long as possible.

The HR management are under a lot of pressure since one out of every three new joinees leaves after six months.

Essentiality of Employee Engagement

Globally many companies spend a lot of amounts to hire, develop, and retain talent. They want to be sure that they are investing in the employees who will deliver and stay in the business for a long time to create value. HR plays a crucial role in their engagement, as it is essential for:

✔️ Saving a lot of money, because they might feel dissatisfied if they are not well engaged these results in re-hiring and training new talent.

✔️ Increases the corporate work culture and creates it a hundred times better.

✔️ Sums to better employee experience which results in more productivity.

✔️ Offers better revenue because of the enhancement in productivity.

Employee experience is very useful for ensuring that the company get only the best out of their skills. They are policies and procedures that firms use to prevent employee turnover and attrition, and also to keep employees engaged and productive over time.

Support employee skill development

As per Sage’s Changing Workforce report, managerial tasks will get automated, so it’s upon HR to recognize and equip with relevant skillset. One can acquire this by adopting the best engagement strategies that prepare oneself for the future. It is very crucial that the leaders must have enough knowledge about the technology is influencing the manager’s role. If they continue to use the same traditional way of learning and development strategies, it will be very tough to develop a workforce which one requires.

Teach employees to manage stress

Stress hormones stimulated by the brain surge through the human body in response to stress that the body takes as a threat to wellbeing. HR Management must take prior steps to succeed by giving them essential strategy for stress management on their own that include:

👉 Training on prioritizing, delegating, and time-management

👉 Giving training on personal and workplace stress-management process

👉 Teach them to assess and address their personal stress levels more

👉 Offer resources, as permitted, for managing personal stress and also for handling stress effects.

Get feedback related to employee engagement

Stressful frustration leads to a lack of opportunity to keep forward criticisms and opposing ideas. This resulted in creating a simpler way for the employees to get equipped with the management’s way of giving a confidential employee feedback path to the employees to safely offer any criticisms or other awkward feedback they may need, but they might feel uncomfortable to deliver directly.

Offer a flexible work environment

One of the best ways to redefine the employee experience is to offer the team members flexibility by not monitoring them more, so long as their work is completed by certain deadlines. Give those team members especially those who have children by letting them come into the office early and leave early to pick their children up. Also, providing working from home once every fortnight so team members can have a good transformation of environment once a while.



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