How to develop global leadership?

Megha Sharma
3 min readApr 11, 2022

As organizations expand across borders, the global-leaders requirement is surfacing more and more often as a binding regulation. Companies must develop leaders for global markets to attain rapid growth in the ever-changing international markets, combined with a long-term outlook. Many organizations have a global impression across the world and even have production facilities in different countries they trade with. But having a global footprint in a country is far different than actually having roots on the ground as global leaders who know the market and industry so well that you would think they were local.

Organizations that have poor levels in the area of developing their leaders to become global leaders, consequently score below-average business performance.

Global Leadership Development Research

The role of global leaders is of great value in driving corporate sustainability and business success of organizations competing in the global marketplace. Therefore, organizations and L&D professionals must focus on the key areas to deliver essential global leadership competency skills at an increasingly rapid pace.

Here’s the list of key areas for global leadership and strategic management.

Identify global leadership competencies

A set of global skills is highly required to achieve long-term success within any organization. Leaders and managers must evaluate the future leadership roles in the context of the global ecosystem and then identify the competencies needed for these roles. Doing so will make it easier to infer the abilities of potential candidates and what the talent reservoir looks like with the demand for the upcoming global leaders.

As an organization, if you want to stay ahead of the learning and development programs, creating a global leadership competency model is the best solution. Having such a framework will guide you with the layout and development of your organization’s learning objective, content, and programs to teach and deliver through all the learning resources available.

Skills required for global leaders are not ethnic or culture-based but demands a global focus on typical leadership in strategic management areas like change management, critical analysis, strategic thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and execution.

Look For Candidates With A Diverse Mindset

Developing global leaders demands finding the right people from the outset. You must have certain innate capabilities like respect, integrity, good communication skills, transparency, open-mindedness, and being a team player. A good leader requires facilitation aptitudes to guide virtual teams and a robust keenness to collaborate with various learning and thinking styles of a team that operates globally. Diversity skills are not just limited to dealing with nationality and cultural disparities.

For effective global leadership training, organizing a project team with international employees is a good solution. The progress of the leader’s skills should be assessed by the success of common interaction, positive visions of team members, and ability to affect the desired outcome.

Get Vision From Top

To achieve the desired global preeminence of business in the respective industry, corporate senior leadership needs to deliver business the vision and strategy to work forward. Here, the role of the C-suite comes into play as they can provide insightful information while acting as examples, teachers, and mentors for the up-and-coming leaders who will be taking the business internationally. Therefore, senior leaders should provide access to the core focus areas required to win in the global marketplace.

In the current business ecosystem, there is a high demand for global leadership in strategic management. But only a few companies are doing an effective job of identifying, developing, and maintaining the right skills required in the global marketplace. As we enter the era of technological disruption, the demand for highly educated, more culturally illiterate, and sensitive leaders is increased.

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