Since the concept of artificial intelligence came into being various industries have identified its importance and have incorporated AI into their daily functions to improve work efficiency and also to improvise on their day-to-day functions. The industry of Human Resource is no exception.

AI in Human resources can have a significant impact on the numerous functions of the human resource department. From sorting applications to screening applicants for job openings. According to Andrew Ng –a scientist excelling in machine learning and AI — Deep learning will transform almost every industry.

Interestingly the statement made by Andrew Ng was backed by…

The pandemic has compelled many businesses to opt for a remote workforce. However, as the organizations make the shift to remote work, they are facing many challenges in communication and trust-building leading to employee turnover.

Employee turnover is indeed costly and reports suggest that 20% of employees leave within the first 45 days of employment. Given the pandemic situation and evolving expectations of employees, a robust onboarding program for the remote workforce would be a worthwhile investment.

When new employees are physically distant, it is crucial to make them feel included and empowered. Though it is a herculean task, having…

Diversity and inclusion are key themes for HR leaders looking to improve recruitment and stay ahead of competition. Artificial intelligence is a great way to do this.

The business scenario these days is highly competitive, and organizations look for anything that can give them the edge. A diverse workforce is one such approach to stay ahead of competitors, given how it helps in attracting the most talented people, signing on more clients, or getting funding to go public. …

HR Career has become one of the most sought after careers in the recent years.

The career in human resource management has gained importance in the recent past. The role of an HR professional has seen a sudden shift especially in the times of COVID, when the businesses were forced to shut their physical offices and go online.

It was HR and Talent Management Professional who helped in the smooth transition from physical office to the remote working. Yes, you read it right!

The department of HR has come a long way since the days and now millennials are eager…

COVID-19 has brought the importance of HR professionals to the limelight. The crisis has also given rise to talent management professionals!

The global crisis had rendered too many changes in the way we work and conducted businesses. Numerous organizations were forced to take sudden decisions for remote working, work-from-home, and telecommuting options for their employees.

Initially, everything felt good — no commuting, no morning rushes, no getting ready early. Employees were happy with staying at home and working.

However, the bubble burst and the reality showered — discontent ruled, lack of social interaction made employees disengaged with each other and…

Megha Sharma

HR Specialist, with a sharp eye to attract and top talent, develop existing talent along with managing employee relations.

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