8 Talent Management Trends that Enhance the Future of Work

The HR departments had a very challenging time due to the pandemic. Worldwide, the coronavirus pandemic has created a lot of havoc. People were more concerned about health and safety. This pandemic has given rise to new realities like:

· Social distancing

· Online (virtual) work

· Self-isolation

· Lockdowns

· Shutdowns

· Quarantine

· Shelter-in-place

· Essential businesses

These concepts gave rise to several talent management trends where and how to work by exploring the need to work remotely called as working at home, working virtually, telecommuting, and others. Now, it has become a dominant reality for nearly each and every organization.

In this article, let’s understand how global HR trends have managed these uncertain times and the challenges related to the future of human resource management.

HR possess the ultimate power of talent management

One of the top talent management trends is employee engagement in the right way will give HR trends the opportunity they need to supercharge their business and make a real difference. Success relies on having the right tools in place. With cloud technology, HR can think smarter about global HR trends and have more freedom to make better, more effective decisions, from anywhere at any time, faster. Ultimately, so they propel employee engagement forward with confidence.

Support employee development

A sense of struggle at work, without a clear career path, can be a source of serious anxiety and stress in the employees. Coping in such conditions of uncertainty leads to excessive turnover rates, mainly among the most talented employees. Ensure that every individual is in a position that fully utilizes their skills and talents and those they are recognized for their overall performance. Each employee in the team must have a development plan. In the future trends in HR must have routine meetings with every individual employee to discuss progress, and offer specific steps to support them to advance.

Maintain transparency

One of the main objectives of future of human resource management is to keep the team members informed on what’s happening. Leaving people out of the loop about matters that are crucial to their livelihood can lead to a sense of disconnection from the organization and fears about the future. The best talent management trends that the leaders can adopt is by conducting periodic meetings, to update the team on what’s going on in management planning, to reaffirm shared goals and values, and dispel any sense of being left out. Emphasize the team’s importance to the firm’s mission, and express appreciation for the employees’ future of work efforts.

Gather employee feedback.

Stressful frustration results due to a lack of opportunity to express criticisms and opposing ideas. Understanding the HR trends positions has been led to make it easier for employees to get on board with management’s plans. Offer a confidential employee feedback path to the employees to safely provide any criticisms or other awkward feedback they may want or are required to offer, but too uncomfortable to deliver global HR trends directly.

Seeking the right work-life balance

Working at home reduces traditional boundaries of going to and from work, creates pressures of doing work while managing kids (especially when kids face school closings), and needs the discipline to avoid other distractions (e.g., television, internet, food, and family matters). The trends in human resource management encourage employees to set work norms and routines (e.g., respond to calls within a certain time frame, seek a private space to work) and to prioritize work that has to be done.

Compensating the lack of engagement

Employees want to know about their performance and also want their contributions to be recognized. The future of human resource management offers celebrating success in remote settings by sharing the success stories, providing personal comments to remote employees, sharing best practices, and offering credit to employees who deliver results. Positive performance conversations can also occur remotely to help employees. By hiring remote leaders who have a good experience working from home, will help employees to work with more enthusiasm, those leaders can share their experience and how they have successfully balanced their work and personal life.

Overcome workplace isolation

Social isolation is a leading cause of mortality, and working at home often distances employees from one another. The global HR trends can promote interactions among team members with frequent contacts via email, video calls one can offer to coach and mentoring by personal “check-ins” on how the employees are doing, and encourage employees to connect more.

Leverage the ability of technology

The role of technology is to simplify the life. As an HR professional, one is required to be efficient at talent management trends to perform tasks. One must set an example of all sorts at the workplace. For this, one must adapt to newer technologies and find a quicker way of doing things. If one feels some of the tasks are repeating, try automating it. With the help of collaborative software and doing a certification in HR, one can become more efficient at managing future trends in HR.

Source : 8 Talent Management Trends that Enhance the Future of Work (linkedin.com)




HR Specialist, with a sharp eye to attract and top talent, develop existing talent along with managing employee relations.

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Megha Sharma

Megha Sharma

HR Specialist, with a sharp eye to attract and top talent, develop existing talent along with managing employee relations.

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